Jamingtons Circle Ravage!

Draw as many circles as you can within 48 seconds while driving a kart. Can you beat your own highscore using your own new strategies?


W, A, S, D - driving
SPACE - drawing


Every round lasts 48 seconds. It is your goal to draw as many circles as you can within this timespan.

Your drawing will be validated after you have drawn something. The result of this validation will be a blue circle or a red circle. When a red circle shows up, you won't receive any points.

TIP: circles may not overlap each other.

Made within 48 hours by Mr0x59 for the Jamingtons 2.0 Game Jam.

Powered by AnhaCore Engine.

NOTE: In Google Chrome, highscores may not work by default. This game uses cookies to save your highscore. Therefore,  "Block third-party cookies and site data" needs to be enabled. To do so, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Content -> Cookies.

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Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, circles, drawing, jamingtons, Racing

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